No you don not require a Paypal account to register you team or to buy merchandise on our website. We us Paypal to handle our payment transfers. Within our payment flow you can chose to either pay via you Paypal account or by providing you creditcard details.
You can with you Paypal account, VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Dicover Card. Wiretransfer is not supported.

No the payment must be made during the registration, online.
No the payment must be made online.
Yes of course! All payments are handled via Paypal. Paypal handles millions of transfer per day and is a top-shelve payment transfer server. We only work with the best. All payment details must be entered in the Paypal interface on the Paypal website. All data will be securly encrypted en protected during the payment transfer. We, Beer, Fries and BBQ, will never ask you to enter creditcard details on our website.
Yes. It's common in a KCBS event that teams bring their own meat to the competition. As a minimum you need:
  • A pork sholder, Boston Butt cutt
  • A brisket
  • Chicken meat
  • Pork ribs
Make sure you read the KBCS rules and regulations folder so you are up-2-date with the rules.
More info about a Boston Butt can be found here.
No. Not in any circumstances.
You're well equiped I must say. Unfortunally we can't allow vehicles on the terrain. Even if the kitchenette is build in...
Yes. You will get a spot assigned of 4x6meters. Please do also make sure you also bring some balast which you can tie up to the tent in case of some bad weather.
Sorry pitmaster, kindergarten is over. Places are picked randomly.
You will get a spot assigned of 4x6m.
Yes but you will not receive any refund. We as a contest organiser commit ourselves to provide you with a high quality BBQ contest. We expect the same full commitment of all participating teams and judges.
Yes before you can start the meat must be inspected by a constest official. It's a team captain's own responsibilty to get his meat checked and approved. We will check the temperature (meat must be kept cold). We will also check the cuts of the meat. And we will also check if the meat is pure, it may not be marinated or seasoned before the contest starts.
Yes. Traillers are not considered as vehicles since they don't have an engine. Keep in mind that the designated area for your team is 4mx6m. The trailler and tent must fit in this place.
No. The merchandise will not be shipped. It will be available at the check-in booth at the competition.